Think global – act local

STEAG Energy Services (SES) maintains a strong international network, allowing us to think globally and act locally at the same time. As a company based in the Ruhr, Germany’s industrial heartland, , both the region and the nation itself are important to us. We also think and act far beyond the country’s borders, though, and always strive to take an appropriate approach and to identify the best solutions for the region in question.

Our subsidiaries are present in India, Brazil, Botswana, Switzerland, Turkey, South Africa, and the USA. Each location presents its very own set of requirements and conditions. Fortunately, our extremely well-trained staff always work in familiar territory – in terms of both the regulatory framework and cultural, environmental and economic factors.

  • STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

    STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.
    A-29, Sector 16

    201301 Noida
    Phone  +91 120 4625 001
    Fax +91 120 4625 100

    The economic upturn and infrastructure investments planned by the government make this country one of the most important markets of the future. STEAG Energy Services employs over a thousand people in India. Among others, we operate power plants in Hazira, Bathinda and Visakhapatnam. Engineering, consulting services and the rollout of IT systems for process optimisation are as much a part of our work as the training of skilled personnel both locally and internationally.

    STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. (SESI) offers engineering services for modernising and constructing power plants as well as operation services for thermal power plants and renewable energies. Moreover, it is involved in developing specific software solutions for monitoring power plant processes.

    Since 2001, SESI has operated a combined-cycle power plant in Hazira in the north-west of India for our customer Gujarat State Energy Generation Ltd. The customer also continues to trust in the expertise of our experienced specialists following expansion of the plant to a total capacity of 500 MW. They do not only operate the plant but they also provide engineering consultancy services, applying our IT solutions to optimise plant operations.

  • STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltda.

    STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltda.
    Av. Presidente Wilson,
    165 4º andar, 409-412 Centro – Rio de Janeiro – RJ
    CEP: 20030-020
    Phone +55 21 3034-8901

    Two hundred million people live in Brazil – a good two and a half times more than in Germany. The world’s sixth largest national economy strives for economic growth and increased prosperity. The country’s power consumption increases by approx. four per cent every year as a consequence – and this figure continues to grow. Brazil uses all resources at its disposal to safeguard its energy supply. Sixty-five per cent of the electricity needed is generated in hydropower plants, for example. Wind power also plays an increasingly important role: by the end of 2018, the installed capacity is to be increased from 3.4 GW to 10 GW. The expertise of SES is in demand here.

    STEAG Energy Services do Brasil Ltda. offers plant operation and engineering services, and makes an important contribution to everything from the conception and construction supervision to the operation to enable Brazil to keep pace with the requirements of a rapidly-growing economic power.

    After assuming operation management of the gas treatment plants owned by Parnáiba Gas Natural S.A. (PGN) in February 2016, SES do Brasil also began providing operational services for wind farms and hydropower plants with a capacity of almost 1,500 MW at the start of 2017. The plants are centrally managed from a control centre in Rio de Janeiro where STEAG Energy Services do Brasil employs around 100 experienced employees. These projects provide an excellent basis for SES to position itself both in Brazil and internationally in the expanding business field of the operation management of wind and hydroelectric power.

  • STEAG Energy Services (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd.

    STEAG Energy Services (Botswana) (Pty) Ltd
    Registered Office: Plot 79, Room 5
    Makwapa Complex
    Palapye, Botswana
    Phone +49 201 801-2735
    Fax +49 201 801-2723

    A dream became a reality for Botswana with the construction of the new coal-fired power plant Morupule B: to gain independence from electricity imports. Building delays made this goal a distant dream though – until STEAG Energy Services Botswana (Pty) Ltd. took over operation of the plant in 2014 following a mobilisation phase lasting just one month. Once all four blocks were stabilised, Botswana was able to meet its entire electricity needs through its own production for the first time in the country’s history.

    We successfully combined the experience of our well-training staff from Germany and India with the local staff of Botswana Power Corporation (BPC). The outcome was a team comprising international experts from SES and around 250 Indian staff working together with 400 BPC employees in their large 600 MW power plant.

  • STEAG Energy Services Schweiz GmbH (Switzerland)

    STEAG Energy Services Schweiz GmbH
    Grossmünsterplatz 6
    CH-8001 Zürich 
    Phone +41 (0) 44 2512122
    Fax: +41 (0) 44 2512123

    Switzerland is also facing major energy challenges – not least because of the impact of the energy transition in Germany: decentralised solutions and flexibility are required. Energy suppliers are increasingly investing in renewable energy sources.

    Still, with its stable planning horizon of nuclear technologies, Switzerland is an attractive future market for SES. The countless reference projects of our subsidiary STEAG Energy Services Schweiz GmbH make it a valued partner in the fields of waste disposal and plant safety. And there is room to expand our activities in the fields of industrial customers and renewable energy sources.

    During the construction of a new facility for the temporary storage of decommissioned power plant components (active storage) at the nuclear power plant in Leibstadt, Switzerland, SES took care of the rescheduling and construction of the power plant systems at the site in addition to the general planning, project planning, call for tenders and construction supervision. During the implementation phase, assembly and construction supervision services were also provided to successful completion.

  • STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd. Sti. (Turkey)

    STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd.
    Ahmet Rasim Sok. No: 27/4
    Cankaya - Ankara
    Phone   +90 312 442 03 90
    Fax +90 312 442 03 57

    In Turkey, the expansion of energy generation is accompanied by the deregulation of the energy market. Increasingly, leading private enterprises are investing in generating and supplying electricity. One of the Turkish energy industry’s reference projects is STEAG’s coal-fired power plant in Iskenderun to which SES engineers have contributed their extensive expertise since the very early planning phase back in the 1990s. Intensification of the close and long-lasting business relationship with the Turkish engineering company ENSIDA led to the establishment of STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd. in 2011.

    STEAG Ensida Energy Services Ltd., offers the full SES portfolio of engineering services for constructing, modernising and operating power plants.

  • STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH

    STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH
    Carl-Zeiss-Straße 4
    97076 Würzburg
    Phone: +49 (0) 931 250 64-100
    Fax: +49 (0) 931 250 64-102

    In the field of photovoltaics, SES has significantly strengthened its position in the growth market of renewable energies by acquiring the subsidiary STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH (SENS) from DMG MORI AG.

    SENS is a globally active service provider in the field of renewable energies with headquarters in Würzburg. From the development and turnkey construction of large open-space PV systems), maintenance and operational management to the creation and implementation of integrated energy solutions for trade and industry and the optimisation of energy requirements, SENS is the right partner for you.

    With over 8,000 installations in around 40 countries, the company has sound experience in the industry, particularly in the field of photovoltaics. What distinguishes SENS is the passion and pleasure it takes in its customers' success. Together, the 180-strong team at eight locations in Germany and abroad develops solutions day after day - on the sunny side of the energy revolution, innovatively and with the highest level of commitment.


    PO Box 1727
    304 Linwood Road
    Kings Mountain, NC 28086
    Tel. +1-704 -734 -0688
    Fax +1-704 -734 -1088

    11707 Steele Creek Road
    Charlotte, NC 28273
    Phone +1 704 827-8933
    (alternative) +1 704 812-4072
    Fax +1 704 827-8935

    Our American sites close to Charlotte, North Carolina, are located in an energy hub centre for the American power industry. Around 80 per cent of all coal-fired power plants in the country are situated within just 800 kilometres. In the USA, our activities are focused on optimising flue gas desulphurisation and nitrogen oxide reduction systems – environmental technology forms the focus here. Hence we operate the world’s most modern and largest regeneration plant for power station catalysts in Kings Mountain, North Carolina. With our competitive/efficient regeneration process, we are able to achieve cost savings for our customers of up to 50 per cent of the new investment. In addition, on the West Coast, we are applying using our catalyst regeneration technology in biomass plants as well, with great success.

    The joint venture CORMETECH, Inc. established in 2016 together with our partner Energy Capital Partners. Inc. provides the partners’ environmental expertise and offers catalyst management services for SCR reactors (flue gas nitrogen oxide reduction through selective catalytic reduction). Services also include consulting and plant optimisation along with retrofitting with a focus on environmental sustainability.

  • Krantz GmbH

    Krantz GmbH
    Uersfeld 24
    52072 Aachen
    Phone +49 241 441-1 

    Since the beginning of 2018, Krantz GmbH, headquartered in Aachen, has been part of STEAG Energy Services. Founded in 1882 by the name-giving engineer Hermann Krantz, the company develops, designs, manufactures and markets today air ducting, heating and cooling systems for ceilings, wall-floor and facade installation. Krantz GmbH also produces filter and shut-off systems, is an expert in industrial exhaust air purification and has also made a name for itself in the field of ventilation systems in power stations, nuclear and industrial plants, including their planning, construction, maintenance and testing. In the in-house Research & Development Centre, targeted research and development work is carried out in an area of 1,000 m2 in a laboratory test hall equipped with state-of-the-art technology. The company's own production facilities in Aachen and in Mallersdorf (Bavaria) meet the relevant standards and offer customised solutions for the production of ventilation components.