Power Plant Simulators for higher operational efficiency and training

STEAG Energy Services India has considerable experience and expertise in all aspects of simulator development including design, development, testing, commissioning and training of high fidelity power plant operator training simulator. This includes development of component level process models, emulated control systems and emulation of HMI exactly identical to plant DCS. The simulator training rapidly familiarises prospective trainees on the plant operations and DCS controls thereby enabling better operational efficiency with minimum threat to expensive equipment/systems present in the plant.

Power plant operation training provided by the highly experienced training department of SES, using the developed operator training simulator is helping the operation personnel to get familiar with the plant‘s start-up and shutdown operations. The exact replica of plant‘s screen, DCS controls and logics provide the feel of the actual plant. Malfunctions incorporated in the simulator are helping operators to prepare for abnormal conditions. The dynamic process model may also be used for optimization or flexibilization studies if desired by the Client. STEAG Energy Services has a framework agreement with TRAX Corporation of the United States on an exclusive basis to use the ProTRAX tool kit to develop power plant simulators. This software is a complete Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based modeling and simulation tool that is designed to be highly interactive for power plant operator training simulators.