At the forefront of future-oriented energy systems with battery storage

The levels at which electricity is generated from renewable energies tends to fluctuate. With efficient technologies such as mechanical pumped storage or electrochemical battery storage, we facilitate a buffer between energy generation and demand.

One prime example is the large-scale battery system for primary control power to ensure grid stability at all times. To date, short-term fluctuations in demand have exclusively been compensated by conventional power plants. The newly-developed system is able to offset fluctuations in frequency in the electricity grid within seconds. The principle is actually very simple: if the frequency is too low, energy can be fed in; if it is too high, energy can be fed out. This allows us to safeguard the supply. And, in turn, because fossil fuels are saved, emissions are reduced.

At the end of 2016, STEAG installed large-scale battery systems at six of its power plant sites. It took just one year from making the decision to invest to complete the operation. The SES team played the leading role in the technical planning and realisation of the large-scale battery systems. Our specialists worked closely with the general contractor, battery cell suppliers and construction companies to ensure the success of this forward-looking project.