Worldwide trainings of power plant personnel

The competence of employees and their in depth understanding of the power plant process, as well as the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and distributed control system is one of the key success factors for the owner and operator of a plant.

STEAG Energy Services develops and executes training activities for thermal power plants worldwide. These trainings  provide power plant personnel with the necessary knowledge to operate and maintain their facilities in a safe, economical and environmentally sustainable fashion. In order to provide that knowledge to trainees, different methods of trainings are offered:

  • Classroom Training provides the ideal introduction of trainees into new topics. These activities were conceived to address the needs of the organisation as a whole and those of specific professional groups.
  • Equipment Training is designed to teach trainees the operational, maintenance and conservation details of relevant power plant equipment. Performed in cooperation with leading original equipment manufacturers for power plants, Equipment Training builds on the knowledge acquired through Classroom Training and prepares the trainees for On-The-Job Training.
  • Our worldwide fleet of power plants offers excellent conditions for intensive On-the-job Training.
  • Simulator Training not only enhances operators’ self-confidence while controlling the actual power plant, but also increases power plant availability by the avoidance of unnecessary trips and long repair times. We design suitable and effective training courses for future operators to be executed in “mobile simulators” at the customers site.

The range of products to be applied to each project or a specific market (e.g. STEAG Power Plant Learning Center India) and the depth at which each topic is dealt with shall be agreed upon with each and every client, guaranteeing a “tailor-made training program”.