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  • Extract from the Annual Report 2018-19 of one of our current important clients (TSPL)

    “During the year gone by, the company has delivered the best ever annual operating and financial performance viz.

    • Highest ever plant technical availability of 88% (FY2018: 74%)
    • Highest ever gross generation of 10640 MUs (FY2018: 8557 MUs)
    • Highest ever EBITDA of ₹ 1311 Crore (FY2018: ₹ 1181 Crore)
    • Highest ever fly ash utilization of 109% (FY2018: 73%)
    • Lowest ever auxiliary power consumption of 7.34% (FY2018: 7.61%)
    • Lowest ever specific oil consumption of 0.33 ml/kwh (FY2018: 0.71 ml/kwh)

    During FY 2017-18, company’s O&M activities were contracted out to a single contractor, M/s STEAG Energy Services (India) Pvt Ltd. – a German power station services company. The single O&M model is KPI-based and has so far delivered the best outcome with its best in class industry practices.”